patient-nurse ratio

  1. Hi,
    Does enyone know what is patient-nurse ratio in Honolulu hospitals?
    Many thanks.
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  3. by   Gingbro
    The patient-nurse ratio will vary according to what hospital you work at as well as the type of unit. I have seen it as high as 6 to 1 and as low to 3-4 per nurse. Hope this helps.
  4. by   blondegenes
    I urge you all to check this safe staffing site as an extension of American Nurses Association;

    I have some questions about it myself, but I urge you to take the poll and back the ANA and any other organization that is working toward nurse/patient ratios that will not burn out nurses and risk patient care.

    I am currently working (Kansas) acute med/surg on nights 7pm to 7am (which really means I'm in half an hour early and clock out half an hour later due to change of shift report, and my patient ratios have been as high as 1:7. and that's on orientation!

    If our patient ration goes down to 1:4 we have to do total care, including CNA stuff and unit secretary things.
    Because we have a unit secretary who spends much more time playing video games than she does inputting orders and doing her job, we have been penalized by only having her onboard until midnight any given night.

    Again,,put your questions to the ANA, read the specifics, take the survey/poll and support legislation that favors treating nurses well.
    The federal government is doing lots of studies on why they lose so many hospital nurses each year, and why so many leave the field altogether,,,let them know exactly why!

    If anyone knows of any other nurse organization that is working toward safer staffing to maintain nurse sanity and prevent burnout, please post it or send it to me.
  5. by   backbone
    Thank you very much