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    My husband have been offered a promotion, which would mean moving our family from St. Louis to Hawaii. They are still negotiating between Oahu and the Big Island. It's looking like it will likely be Oahu. My question is - what is likelihood of finding a job? I am a RN, MSN and have 7.5 years of nursing experience, mostly in oncology. Also, my understanding is RN pay is around $45 for someone with my level of experience? Is this accurate? Is it any higher with a MSN? Any other info would be greatly appreciated! Oh, and I should note that my MSN is in nursing education.

    Thank you!!
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  3. by   GuEsT78
    Be sure to keep in mind that the cost of living is much higher in Hawaii, typically about 30%. Housing costs are terrible. My niece, when she lived there with her Navy hubby, was fortunate to get base housing. I assume that isn't an option with you.

    Hawaii’s High Cost of Living

    This is especially relevant to your situation:

    "Many Hawaii residents have 2 and 3 jobs to keep up with expenses. It’s safe to say you’ll meet more people working 2-3 jobs in Hawaii than you have ever met anywhere else in your life."

    Check Internet job sites for openings in your field. You might also talk with nursing agencies there (Google "nursing agency hawaii"). The latter would might let you start work more quickly and make a wiser choice of where you go permanent.

    Lots of opening at a hospital can mean high turnover and less-than-pleasant working conditions.
  4. by   salvati08
    Thank you for your response! I am aware of the high cost of living We did meet with a realtor and looked at real estate when we visited a couple weeks ago. Fortunately my husband makes a decent living, so that helps I have been looking online and in comparison to St Louis, it appears the RN jobs are few and far between. Thanks again for your advice
  5. by   fairdinkum
    Hi salvati08,

    I strongly recommend travel nursing or agency. In general, mainlanders don't get hired easily in Hawai'i, although Queen's has magnet status and as a result hires a wide variety of nurses from around the country and world. Travel nursing and agencies offer you a guaranteed contract (travel) or flexibility (agency), and you'd have a foot in the door, so to speak. Nursefinders is good, Altres is bad. Hospitals are unionized and nurses are some of the very few in Hawai'i who can actually earn a living. Bear in mind that they're well-paid because they put up with a lot. For example, if you don't want to specialize in substance abuse, Hawai'i is not for you. I would estimate that on an average shift, around 75% of my patients are users, no matter what type of unit I'm on.

    InklingBooks is not exaggerating the cost of living. Why do you want to buy a home? You should find out whether you even like Hawai'i, and what part of it you'd be comfortable living in. It's not the US, and you will not be welcome in parts of Oahu, especially if you are caucasian. I've met so many mainlanders who came and bought, and now they're stuck. Spend some time exploring Hawai'i to find what you love about it before you dive in and buy property. On the other hand, if you have 18-40 million there are many mansions available on Kahala Avenue right now

    I really hope things go well for you! With any luck, we'll meet on the floor of your new unit
  6. by   salvati08

    Thank you so much for the input! We are not going to buy right away - we are going to rent at first for the very reason you mentioned. We did meet with a realtor to get a feel for what the housing market looks likes, etc assuming we'd eventually want to buy when\if we decide where we'd like to be.

    I will look into the info you provided me with regarding jobs. I appreciate it! And yes, maybe we will cross paths!!
  7. by   Alaskanhills
    We are leaving Alaska and moving to the BI in 54 days!! We looked at Oahu also and just found the BI was a better fit for our family. We will be moving to the Honoka'a area and I am actively investigating all the hospitals on the island for pay,availability, distance from our home and EHR programs. Have you decided anything or found any helpful information in your inquiries?
    Mahalo and good luck to you!!
  8. by   krr2766
    Hey there!
    I'm a traveler between StLouis and Hawaii! Where did you end up?