Licensure by Endorsement

  1. Anyone know how long the process usually takes to obtain permanent licensure by endorsement in Hawaii?

    Florida is notoriously slow (1.5-2 months) - was just wondering if any of you guys had experience with this?


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  3. by   RedBait
    It takes however long it takes to verify your current license. That said, you can walk out of the office in Honolulu, which is the state capital, with a temporary license and begin to practice that same day. Hawaii has many travel-nurse assignments and handles the license stuff well.
  4. by   georgia peaches
    For the prompt response.
    So happy to hear your positive input.

    I lived on Oahu and Maui for 8 years about 10 years ago, and have always wanted to return. (I relocated to finish my PT degree after 1 year of UH Manoa).

    I may have the opporturnity to return (permanently) - and wondered how much lead time I would have to have to get licensed there.

    Here in Florida it generally takes 1.5-2 months to get everything ironed out - which is really ridiculous, considering the shortages here. Go figure :-)

    Thanks again!

  5. by   RedBait
    I came from Chicago and planned this permanent move a year in advance, so I insisted on getting a Hawaii RN license in advance of the move. Not only was it unnecessary, it probably took longer than to just walk in which does not involve the mail which needs to cross an ocean and, in addition, Chicago is post office hell. So, the easiest part of a move here is the license. Need any other help? Info?
  6. by   georgia peaches
    Mahalo nui loa

    tanks, 'eh!

  7. by   cookie711
    if i take the nclex in vermont willl i get endorsement in hawaii??
  8. by   RNHawaii34
    Quote from cookie711
    if i take the nclex in vermont willl i get endorsement in hawaii??

    if you plan to work in hawaii, you need to check the hawaii bon site for endorsement procedure. check vermont's site as well, because they have forms that you need to fill up before endorsing it to hawaii.
  9. by   macrolide
    Hi im a licensed RN in california and would like to work in hawaii.. i am by the way a foreign trained nurse from the philippines. does anybody know the requirements in hawaii by endorsement? coz i cant find it online. thanks a lot.
  10. by   Priorbabe
    Here's a helpfull link for the ones seeking to work in hawaii with out of state license or foreign training.