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  1. Hello everyone, anyone here applying to KCC's ADN program for Spring 2019? What are your stats like? I want to know where I am standing with mine, so please comment yours below if you could. I'm nervous because I've heard that KCC's nursing program is a tough one to get into. Thanks!
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  3. by   Livy803
    Hey Dharen! I got into the program in Spring 2017 and withdrew after a month due to personal reasons. I have 3 B's and A's for the rest including co-reqs. Teas-84.7% overall. Medical assistant and nurse aide work experience. I was initially waitlisted but got in soon after. I'm thinking of applying for Spring...possibly Fall. I had to retake my TEAS because it expired. So I'll be reapplying with the same grades and work experience but with a TEAS of overall 90%.
  4. by   808boiers
    Hello everyone, I'm also applying for the ADN program in Spring 19. Here's my stats.

    Pre-reqs: 1 B rests A's
    Co-reqs: A's
    Teas: 87.7%
    Exp: None
  5. by   AbUnAi
    Good luck guys.

    Pre-req: 1-B, rest A's
    Co-req: A-Humanities, Pharm (taking Fall 2018)
    Teas: 80.0%
    Exp: Nurse aide course

    Struggled with the Teas test. Not sure if 80.0% will cut it.
  6. by   Dharen
    Thank you for replying you guys. Here's my stats:

    Prereqs: 1 B, the rest A's
    Coreqs: A's
    TEAS: 88%
    Experience/Training: None

    Good luck to all of us!
  7. by   jazy_
    Hello everyone. Here's mine:

    Prereqs: A's
    Coreqs: A's
    TEAS: 87.3%
    Experience or Training: Not certified nor have a work experience but I did take a nurse aide course and had direct patient care experience during our clinical training.
  8. by   808boiers
    Good luck to all of us! I hope we all can get in.
  9. by   AbUnAi
    I shouldnt even be on this thread hahahaha! Ur guys stats got me looking bad lol
  10. by   808boiers
    UPDATE! I retook my TEAS after three months on Monday, and I got a 91.3%
  11. by   AbUnAi
    Anyone talked to the counselors to see what the selection process might be like? I heard they only accepted around 23 students last semester.
  12. by   k808
    Pre-req: 3.95 GPA
    Co-req: 4.0 GPA
    Teas: 82.7%
    Exp: Nurse Aide Course

    I hope we all get in!
  13. by   AbUnAi
    Does anyone know if KCC just looks at the overall teas score or do they look at what we scored on each individual section to determine if we get selected?

    Only because im hearing that Manoa looks at each section on the teas and you have to be at a certain percentage for each section in order to be selected. Thanks in advance
  14. by   jazy_
    Hello guys!

    When should we expecting notifications regarding our applications?

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