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Hello everyone, anyone here applying to KCC's ADN program for Spring 2019? What are your stats like? I want to know where I am standing with mine, so please comment yours below if you could. I'm... Read More

  1. by   808boiers
    Hi Jazy_

    We should be expecting letters to come out by late October or beginning of November. If I'm not mistaken, few batches recieved their letters early of October.
  2. by   leejoonh
    Hey guys, here's my stats:

    Prerequisites: All A's; 1 B
    Co-requisites: All A's
    TEAS: 88%
    Exp: None besides volunteering

    I'm super nervous about whether I'm going to get accepted or not... It seems like a lot of people who applied for Spring 2019 had higher scores and grades than the semesters before.
  3. by   jcnelson8
    Hey everyone!

    I agree, leejoonh, it seems like there are a lot of high scores this time around.

    Here are my stats.

    Prerequisites: 1 B, the rest A's
    Corequisites: A's
    TEAS: 89%
    Exp: I took the NA course and have my CNA license but no work experience.

    Best of luck to everyone! Hopefully the two month wait goes by quick!
  4. by   hrkd4347
    did any of you apply other than KCC?
  5. by   ACS13
    Awesome job! Any tips for the rest of us? I'm taking it next month and then a re-do in Jan if needed 😬
  6. by   jazy_
    Hi hrkd4347_

    Only applied at KCC..
  7. by   leejoonh
    Called the Nursing Department and found out that our results are going to be mailed out on the 9th this month. Good luck to all you guys! Hopefully, the next time we all talk will be at the orientation!
  8. by   hrkd4347
    Thanks Leejoonh! I just logged on to ask that!! Good luck to you all xoxo
  9. by   bluewhale3
    Hey guys! Did anyone get their letters yet? I'm still waiting for mine...
  10. by   jcnelson8
    nothing yet... hopefully today!
  11. by   jcnelson8
    Just got my letter, I got in! Hope to see you all at orientation!
  12. by   leejoonh
    I also got in! I'm pretty overwhelmed by all of the requirements due before the program starts though lol.
  13. by   k808
    I got alternate! Praying for a second chance. Congrats all who got in!

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