KCC ADN Spring 2017

  1. Hi everyone!

    I am planning to submit an application for KCC's ADN program for Spring 2017. I am just waiting to finish my Pharm 203 over the summer before putting my app in.

    My stats aren't too good
    Teas - 80.7
    Pre-req - 1 B and the rest are A
    Co-req - A in humanities, pending on Pharm 203
    Health-related exp - been working as a CMA for 2.5 years. With a current CNA certification. Last CNA exp about 2-3 years ago.

    I am going to meet with a counselor sometime next month just to kinda see my standing. But I am wondering how everyone's stats look like. Kindly post, if you don't mind.

    Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   dominic14

    My stats weren't even as good as you but I did get the same TEAS score of 80.7%

    Pre-reqs: 3 Bs, rest As.
    Co-reqs: A's on both Pharm & humanities
    Work Experience: None. But I'm CNA certified

    I first applied for Fall 2015 but got "Alternate listed" (I was put on the Alternate list so in case there's a spot open, the most qualified Alternate would get selected) same for Spring '16. I got CNA certified before I applied for Fall '16 hoping it would better my chances, in addition, I applied to the PRCN or LPN program too. I got accepted in the PRCN program but sadly got Alternate for ADN. However, after almost completing all the health requirements for the LPN program, I got a letter saying I was chosen among the Alternates to be part of the Fall '16 ADN cohort! Third time's the charm they say!

    As for you, your stats may be good enough to have them accept you especially with your 2.5 years of CMA work and CNA certification. It doesn't hurt to apply! If you get Alternate listed, usually they would notify the "chosen ones" within 1-2 months after receiving the initial letter. They say the latest they could notify you is the last Friday of the first week of school but that's rare.

    I really hope you get in! KCC/UHM is really hard to get in too, I feel I was lucky haha!

  4. by   lynm13
    Oh nice ! Congratulations on getting in Dominic. Good luck on your first semester. ☺

    I am retaking my TEAS test this week hoping I can improve the score. I am planning on submitting my application after that. I really hope I will get in.

    Thank you for your response.
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  5. by   dominic14
    Thanks! Really hope you get in! Usually the TEAS would almost be the same questions so most likely you'll do better! Hoping for the best for you!
  6. by   lynm13
    Thank you ! I really hope I can bring it up even just a lil bit more.
    But nweiz, did you keep reapplying with the same stats? Did you have to retake some classes?
  7. by   dominic14
    Yes same stats! Was going to retake those 3 class I received Bs in but my counsellor said to apply to the LPN program and ADN at the same time. I also previously retook my TEAS (hoping to apply to UHM) but sadly did worse lol. I feel this third time they accepted me because of my CNA certification which was the only thing different this time around. If I were you, apply with what you have first.

    The thing I kept asking myself while I applied was, "What would my current 'stats' do for me?" I also told myself that if the same thing happens the third time (Alternate listed) and I don't get a call-back, then that's when I'll take action which would be to do the LPN program, retake my B courses, or retake the TEAS.
  8. by   lynm13
    Oh okay. I hope I can improve my TEAS score then. I am retaking my micro130 next sem hoping I could make it an A. Just in case I don't get in at first try, then I can apply with all As.

    I am really happy for you. At least you are already in the program. I heard, thats one of the hardest part. Just gotta really work hard on keeping the grades up now.
  9. by   dominic14
    Just don't give up! Oh also, I met someone during an orientation (Alternates have to attend the orientations too) and she said her stats were: all A's including coreqs, though on her TEAS she got a 79% and was accepted into the program on her first try. That's where I got the idea of retaking my classes to get all A's. Sometimes it really depends on the batch of students you're competing against during the application period. Hope all goes well!
  10. by   lynm13
    I am not going to give up. I will put in my application and hope that my stats will be good enough.

    Hope all goes well for you too Dominic. ☺
  11. by   NatCin

    I've also applied to KCC's ADN program for spring 2017. Here's what I have:

    TEAS: 84.7%
    GPA: 3.55 (5 B's, 5 A's)
    Co-req: A in humanities and B in pharm. I took pharm over the summer as well. If you took it at KCC, I'm pretty sure we were classmates.
    Experience: None

    It isn't too good, but it's my first time applying so I guess I have lots of time anyway. I am also starting CNA training soon for experience and that extra consideration, just in case I would have to reapply next time.
  12. by   NatCin
    Also, is there an idea of how KCC weighs the different factors? I hope my less than ideal GPA doesn't hold me back.
  13. by   lynm13
    Hi NatCin. Your teas score is high. The counselor said as long as it is at least in the 80's, the score is competitive.

    I took the pharm class online, Maui Community College, with Dr. Steven Farmer.

    I am retaking my Micro130 class too just in case I need to reapply.

    I am not sure exactly how they give points. All I know is that they give credits to GPR, co-reqs completed, TEAS score and experience.

    Good luck to us ! ☺
  14. by   lynm13
    Btw, Dominic and NatCin, did you mail your application to the nursing dept or did you drop it off? I mailed mine so I am wondering how soon they send out the notification that they have received it.