Is Hawaii a good place for a (relatively) new grad, or...?

  1. My husband is in the military, and we may have to relocate. Our options are California, Hawaii, Jacksonville, FL or mariland. I'm wondering what the prospects are out in HI for someone who graduated 3 months ago (I have had a job as an RN since graduating, although it was more community-based vs hospital based and now will have to give it up to move).

    I have a BSN and will be coming from WA state if that matters.
    (And on a side note, I am unable to work at military hospitals as I am Canadian and still waiting on my green card).
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  3. by   mcubed45
    nope. hospitals are only hiring experienced RN's. the few new grads that do get hired are from the local schools. usually students that have done clinicals at the hospitals and impressed the nurse managers. the rest of our new grads are either working as NA's or moving to the mainland to get a few years experience and then hopefully return.
  4. by   absngirl
    ahhhh! That is too bad. I am sure things are going to turn around. I know a lot of people are working in nursing homes until the hospitals start hiring again in full force. They need us! They want us! It is hard to be patient.

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  5. by   JillyRN
    I agree with the prior post. So far in my experience its not. I also just moved here with my husband who is active duty Army. I knew when we got orders for Hawaii that I would struggle to find a job. The market here has been bad for new grads for the past few years. The only job I was offered as a new grad, was a temporary RN job with Altres staffing to work the upcoming fall flu clinic. It sounds like a great opportunity but it only lasts about 8 weeks. I hear that the majority of new grad RNs are working as CNAs and Clerks still. I've been trying to get into the VA hospital here using my military spouse preference, but that's going no where as well. I'm currently being considered for a nursing aid position at the clinic on post. It's a start but it looks like I'm heading right back into school while I continue the job search

    In regards to your other choices for your husband's orders, I originally planned to be joining my husband in California. I was looking into jobs in SoCal and there were a lot of openings. California is also lenient on licensing, I was told I could get a temporary to start work immediately until I received my CA RN license. Depending on where your current license is from, you may not need a CA one at all. I was definitely optimistic when thinking that's where I'd be starting my career. Even though the army base he was at was MISERABLE.

    Either route you go, Good Luck!!!

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