Ex-Hawaii Nurses: Why did you leave the islands?

  1. I am interested to see how many local nurses left Hawaii and moved to the mainland. Local nurses = born and raised in Hawaii, went to nursing school in Hawaii, or anyone who has spent a significant part of their life in Hawaii.

    When did you leave Hawaii? Why? Where do you practice nursing? Would you ever move back to Hawaii?

    -I left Hawaii in 1998.
    -I left Hawaii because I got patriotic and joined the US Air Force as a military nurse.
    -Ive been working in military hospitals in CA, Germany, and FL.
    -Would I move back? YES! The pay has improved in Hawaii and its time for me to move home. Although housing is little extreme right now, its time for me to return home.

    "Hawaiian steak."
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  3. by   nedrager
    I left Oahu in 92' mostly because of the horrid attitude permeating the islands. F**king haole this and f**king haole that got kinda old. I'm almost half Hawaiian for crying out loud! (I look haole though). Growing up surfing the South and North shore, I've had more than my fair share of run-in's with blala's, mokes and all other forms of dumb-ass Hawaiians who don't have much more intellect than your average cave-man. I live in Cali and have never been hassled in the water, never had a "stare-down" and never gotten in to a fight. Plus they actually speak English! Real English, not pidgeon! My whole family still lives there and I go to visit every so often, but I still feel happiest when I step off the plane in the mainland.