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  1. good day!

    Hi, My name is Rona. I'm internationally educated nurse from the Philippines. I passed the Nclex exam last Oct 2013, and was issued a CONDITIONAL RN license. i wasn't able to pass the requirements such as SSN, before the expiration date (JUNE 2015). I'M in honolulu now and my work permit and ssn are on process. Once I have the ssn, will the board of nursing issue me a permanent license? or will i be retaking the NCLEX Rn examination?

    I am Hoping for your response.

    thank you for your kind consideration.
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  3. by   nette_mj
    Hi Rona, I got issued a conditional license too. Board of nursing said that we should complete all the requirements in 2 years and if you need more time to complete those requirements you should have called them before the expiration date.
    Better to call them and ask about your situation . :-)
  4. by   ronakramirez
    thank you so much. do you have your license now? i keep on calling the licensing branch but there is no answer.
  5. by   RNfrombrazil
    How did you get a ssn and a work permit?
    I am also holding a conditional license but I am not able to find sponsorship...
  6. by   ronakramirez
    you need to be in uS for you to file for those two. when did u take nclex?
  7. by   nette_mj
    Hi Rona. just submitted my SSN. Waiting for my regular license now. Hope you were able to get hold of the licensing branch.
  8. by   ronakramirez
    that's good! when did you take your nclex exam?
  9. by   Sonnienz
    Hi Rona I was wondering if you could help me. I hope Im not too late to ask, I am working overseas as a RN and would love to work to Hawaii one day. I never worked in USA so do not have an SSN however I have a current Washington State License. Do you think I should apply for the endorsement license in hoping they would provide me a conditional license? I am so confused on what to do next, shall I also apply for a visa screen now? any help would be greatly appreciated!! thank you