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Hey everyone! I joined the army nurse corps and will hopefully get my first choice duty station of Hawaii next year!!! I am so excited to having the possibility of living there for 3 years. I'm... Read More

  1. by   worf
    I have a friend who live right off of Salt Lake Blvd, she rents the downstairs of home, it was recently remodeled, and is spacious and very nice. It's close to Tripler, within 5-10 minutes....but I don't remember reading that you were going to work at Tripler, just an army nurse moving to you know what base you will be attached to? Good luck to you...but living on base, I may be wrong, but I thought (at least with the navy) there is housing married military members, but also barracks for single military folks. If you lived in the barracks for a month or so until you figure out where you want to would be good.
  2. by   Renee4christ
    Thank you so much Frow! If I'm stationed there, I will be working @ Tripler. I have already started to look on craigslist for apts/condos/townhomes and have come across a lot of bottom/top half of houses for rent which would be cool. When I find out where I'm going for sure, I'll really start to call around to some of the places. I plan on going to visit a few days early wherever I end up to look at some areas. I'm not sure about the barracks for single soldiers, but I'll have to check it out. Thanks so much for your help!!
  3. by   Rose3721
    My husband and I just spent 6 years stationed in HI. You're going to have a great time. We lived in Pearl City and loved it, but we were in Navy housing. There is no on post housing for single Army Officers in Hawaii so you're doing the right thing by looking off post. Mililani is a little farther away but it has lots of nice apartments and then you're closer to North Shore. It would probably be about a 20 min drive, without traffic. Throw in traffic and it may take 45 min. Your travel time will be highly variable based on traffic. You can also find nice places in Aiea. What a lot of the Army nurses did that I know was wait until OBLC to start looking at a place. There were 30 Army nurses in my OBLC class all going to Tripler and several of them ended up renting a house together. So you might want to wait and meet some fellow nurses headed that way. Hope this helps!