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I'm moving to Oahu for the 1st time on May 1st with my husband who will be stationed at Camp Smith. My mother grew up in Hawaii but I have never been. I'm hoping to connect with other... Read More

  1. by   mzjennx
    Quote from nbeck
    Xjnnerz have you started your job at Tripler yet?
    Since my last updated on this topic, I just wanted to let you guys know that I did not get the job with Tripler. I was waiting for HR to process my paperwork. I kept calling the nurse manager to follow up and she said that the government just takes awhile. Then Tripler had to withdraw the new grad position. I was very disappointed! I was really hoping to get my foot in the door with the government so that when my husband changed duty station, I could always transfer to another Military hospital. The nurse manager said they decided to hire experience nurses and that they would keep my application on file. They told me this in August and I never heard a call back since.

    Oh well... I am still at Kaiser call-in. I work 32-40hrs/week so I am happy that I have a job and getting a lot of experience. There is a lot of new grad RN still working as aide/clerks.

    Good luck everyone. Stay hopeful apply anywhere, put yourself out there and just take what you can get.
  2. by   rad sugar
    oh wow... reading about this new grad situation is really discouraging. yikes.

    my fiance is a marine stationed in k-bay, we're getting married next month. i'm in nursing school now getting my BSN, and plan to move to hawaii to be with him in july.

    i am really stressed already about the whole job hunt and how dismal it seems. i was planning to take my nclex-rn in hawaii, i don't want to be away from my fiance any longer than i have to be for school.

    as of now i don't know anything about applying for the nclex in hawaii, or how long that may take... and how not having my license will affect my job search. it all sounds pretty bad as of now though! eeks!

    any info or help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. by   Lisa From Maui
    Lisa ;-)
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  4. by   rad sugar
    Quote from Lisa From Maui
    Lisa ;-)
    i got your message... i just don't have enough posts to send one back yet.

    i appreciate your advice and insight, i'm not really sure what to make of it all.

    i'm not going to stay in florida another 2 or 3 months after graduation to get my license here though. my fiance is an active duty marine - in this deployment climate, we're not spending any more time apart than we have to. we understand that the worse case scenario is that i can't find work as a nurse... in which case i'll try and look for other jobs.

    i have 10 years experience of doing ocean rescue, and i have some contacts and connections with lifeguarding agencies. i know its super hard to get hired there too... but i am willing to look into other avenues. i want to work with neonates, so i'd even be okay working part time in a day care or chuch nursery, while doing tech or aid work in a hospital just seeing what happens.

    i'm flexible, and just trying to be proactive in setting myself up as best i can.

    but for me... staying on the mainland is not an option, and pushing back my dates to move aren't an option either! so i just want to try and make the best out of my situation.

    again, the insight and advice is really appreciated!! i really had NO clue as to the severity of the hiring problems. its really awful and i hope this economy switches around sooner than later.

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