Hawaii Hospitals....moving soon and need opinions

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Hello! I will soon be moving to Hawaii and l was wondering what hospital is best to work at or start at? Of course, before l decided to make a thread, like any great nurse, l did my research so this wouldn't be a redundant question. I found that all past threads are over 10 years old and if a lot can happen in just one year then l know there have been significant changes in 10.

In my research l found that the most prevalent hospitals are Queens, Straub, Kaiser Permanente, Kaopioni and others. So l wanna know the basic things like pros and cons and please if you don't mind can you tell me what each hospital pays an hour? No, money isn't everything but l do have a family to support. Also tell me anything else that you would want to know if you were in my shoes. I have a year and a half of experience after working at the only level 1 trauma center in my state on the med surg floor!

Also, what shifts are available? Here in my state l don't work everyday. Just 12 hr shifts and 3 times a week sometimes 4 is the max. I heard Hawaii is 8 hour shifts everyday?


I used to work at Queens. Worst hospital I've ever worked for, 3rd world medicine, poor staffing, poor patient care. I bought for myself I was so scared I'd do harm from something completely out of my control. I broke my 18 month contract early just to get out of there. Seriously - horrendous patient care, I only received a 3 day orientation (I was hired full time, not a travel nurse - but I accepted the $5k relocation bonus and had an 18 month contract). I was paid $50/hr then bumped up to $55/hr. That's fine in Hawaii if you have someone to split the bills with. For me living there alone as a single person, it was hardly enough and I didn't save a penny. Everything there is expensive. There are all kinds of shifts, mostly 12s but it totally depends on where you work, just like on the mainland. I always heard decent things about all other hospitals except Queens. They did open a new location, Queens West, so that might be slightly better but...probably not. Good luck!

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