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Having problems with a question. Need your help


I am doing a workbook for uni. There is a question which is worth 3 marks, in which I suspect requires 3 answers. The question involves drug administration and prevention of infection. The patient has a subclavian cvc and so far my answers are: handwashing, asceptic technique and possibly the 3rd answer would be alcohol swabbing the cannula. I do have a problem as well locating info to help me with referencing. Does anyone know of a good website that has all these components of my answers?

This question is relatively an easy answer, however its the resources in which I have been having problems locating. :uhoh21:

Look forward to your reply

Daytonite, BSN, RN

Specializes in med/surg, telemetry, IV therapy, mgmt.

I understand that you are in Australia, but here in the U.S. we have the Infusion Nurses Society that promotes the standards for IV therapy. You might check their web site to see if you can find the information you're looking for.

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