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HELP! So I got a dream job on a dream unit (on paper) in terms of prestige...a lot of new grads do not get hired in a critical care position at a top hospital like I did. Anyway, it's been extremely stressful, it's been night shift, and there isn't a lot of slack for me being extremely new to nursing. Mostly, I am not happy and am frequently stressed.

That being said, I recently got a call from a job I applied to a while back which it on the opposite end of the spectrum but literally crossing all wants off my checklist. Hours are amazing, no nights, no weekends, no holidays. Pay is actually more than I'd be paid dayshift where I am currently working and it's community health nursing in a field I am very interested in.

I am wondering firstly--do I take it? I have an interview next week and want it. Secondly, I am wondering how to have a conversation with my current manager. I'd like to continue to work where I currently work (at least until juggling two jobs becomes too much) it's just I'd prefer to go from FT to PT. I am worried that being so new (within one year) that they would sooner just wash their hands of me than accommodate this request. In addition, I am wondering what to say...do I say it's another job? Do I just say it's personal?


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Try to stay objective when interviewing for the new job. Make sure it really is all that and a bag of chips before getting your hopes up. Let's assume you get an offer. If you could only have one job, which would it be? Would you be okay financially with what this new job would pay (assuming you get an offer)? You need to realistically consider that your current boss may not want/need a PT nurse right now, so it might be FT or nothing. Also, think about your how life will look if you have both jobs. It sounds like dream job is basically banker's hours. Would old job at PT still be nights? When would you be able to work? Only on weekends? How many shifts are required for PT? When would you sleep? I just today turned down a job with dream hours like you mentioned because while it was higher than my base pay, I need the shift diff to make our family's budget work. And there was no way I wanted to work 40 hours a week, days, at new job and work every Saturday night at old job. I like my sleep, family, and church community too much to do that to myself.


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I appreciate the thorough response. I am trying to go through all situations and I'm not sure what I would do if I was told no to a FT to PT request. I'd really like a year at a place like where I am at under my belt and I am just a few months shy. So I am making about a dollar more per hour on night shift than I would be in this new job on day shift so for the extreme improvement in hours/scheduling that is definitely something I am willing to accept. PT would remain nights and ideally 20 hours, so I would suck it up and probably do Friday and Saturday nights and cut one of the two jobs loose once I reached my year mark at this facility. I get that these hours are not ideal with two but if it was only for a few months until I got a year under my belt I am sure I could do it...


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Does your unit have contingent positions? That might be an option other than PT. If you state you are willing to stay on contingent, it is less likely to be a blow to your manager. I plenty who work day jobs and then are contingent at night.