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Have any Texas Nurses been employed in England?


Hi, I'm Tina

My husband is in the Army and might get stationed to England or Germany.

If we move to either country, will my salary drastically decrease?

I've been in nursing 14 years and get an averge salary of about $60,000.

Please, if anyone can offer any information at all, that would be very helpful.

My friend who works as a nurse in Reading (outside of London area), makes 26k a year, and she's been a nurse for 3 years. Salaries in the UK are significantly lower than in the USA, and yet, the cost of living there is outrageous....well, when compared to the USA.

I work in IT, and 2 years ago I worked in London; I learned that my company was paying 22,000/year pounds for an entry level position in London; that same position in the usa was being offered $45,000/year; people look at the salary and say, well, thats about right because of the exchange rate; problem is that the exchange rate means nothing because when you work in the usa, do you care about the exchange rate of the uk, or for that matter, the one for europe, japan, or china? All you care for is your total net income that you take home, and how that income pays for your bills, groceries, etc. My point is that salaries in europe tend to be lower than salaries in the usa; another example---my friend works as an engineer in spain and his salary is 35k; the only engineers that make such salaries in the usa, are probably the ones working part time....

My friend says that a salary of 35,000 pounds for a nurse where she works is damn good.....I would expect your salary to drop significantly in the uk, and don't expect the cost of living to drop at all. No clue about germany but you can google 'registered nurse salary germany.'

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