Have to take prerequisite first?


Do I need to do all the prerequisite first before I can take RN classes? Or can I do both at the same time. Because all the RN classes are full!

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Check with your advising office. There are many classes at my school that can be taken prior to entry into the program.


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The choice seems easy. If all the RN classes are full, you take prerequisites. I preferred to have all mine done before entering the RN program.


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i know with our school that only those that are in the nursing program can get into the nursing classes... and you are auto enrolled in those classes. if you are not yet accepted into the nursing program then you can start the pre-reqs/co-reqs for the course. look at your science classes in particular because a lot of them have pre-reqs that you have to take before you can get into the class... like a&p sometimes requires bio and/or chem.

hope that helps!


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That was to take all my prereqs. before entering NS. I was so glad that I listened. Can't tell you exactly how many students that I am finishing up NS with that took prereqs with nursing classes only to have to repeat one or the other.

That's my 2 cents ;)


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The school that I am starting noff at in the fall actually recommends that you take all of your pre reqs before taking your nursing classes. Of course you HAVE to have taken A&P 2 which means having had to take A&P1 and a general bio, and intermediate algebra.

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