Have my license but trouble finding a job


I have a criminal background of burglary and theft from 2003. I am a recovering addict and have been clean for 8 years. I made it through nursing school and in Aug 2011 I went in front of the BON and they gave me my license. I was hired by one hospital and one residential group home but denied by both of them because of my license. The problem with the 'burglary' is considered a violent crime so the board of education will not allow me to work with children. I was told the state would have allowed me to work. I am just lost at this point what to do. I was going to pursue my bachelor degree but now I am feeling pretty hopeless. I was told by one attorney that my record cannot be expunged because I was found guilty.

Any advice would be helpful because right now I am not feeling very hopeful.


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I had a theft on my record and I pled guilty as well but I am from ohio and i was able to get it expunged. Did you talk to only one lawyer about it and are you certain that you can't have it expunged/sealed or pardon? Trust me, I know how you feel. You said that you are unable to work with children. Have you tried applying at assistant living facilities or nursing homes? it seem that it is harder to get jobs in hospitals vs ltc when you have criminal history. I'm sure you will find something! It may take a lot of patience but just try to be positive and not let it get to you. When you do find employment try to stick with that place as long as possible and build a good rep! You may not get exactly what you want but at least it will give you a start and more employers will be willing to open their doors to you.. good luck with everything and keep me updated on your progress.