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I did not get the position at the jail. Darn! I think that I wanted it. But, I am not even sure about that. I think it was more the pay, and the two days a week that I liked.

I found a job opening at local hospital for a data abstractor. I applied Saturday evening online. And, I got a call today for an interview, next week. Honestly, I don't believe that I am qualified. However, it won't hurt to go find out more about it. The qualifications were for accredited records technician, or an LPN that has been in healthcare field for at least three years. I meet the LPN requirements, sorta. I have the medical terminology and some computer experience. And, they want medical record familiarity?? Maybe, I have that. It is at a hospital, and my sister believes that I am very capable of this job. She is an employee of this health system and is familiar with the position. She knows of an LPN that worked in one of her offices (my sister is a practice manger of several drs. offices) had this job at a sattelite hospital. It is Quality Improvement. At the very least, I should be getting more experience with intrerviews.lol

I think that is less money than I would want but it has good benefits. And, it is FT. I could actually make same amount of money by working PT for one year. My disability that I have would pay the difference of what I used to make, if I would return to work as PT. It is an incentive to return to work. But, if I get job FT, they see it as gainfully employed. Oh well, the whole picture is that it is non-physical.

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Good luck, you will never know unless you give it a go and if nothing else gain experience in interview and what they are looking for

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