Have I dug a hole I'll never get out of?

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i just recently received my cna license and have applied for work at hospitals and facilities. i was interviewed at a hospital and thought it went well. i was really hoping to get the position. hr contacted me to get further information regarding my last job. i had held a customer service position for 10+ years and was involuntarily terminated. on my job app i had disclosed that and during the interview i was not asked why. hr wanted to know however the reason. i did advise it was for breach of technology agreement. i was asked if i could provide more information. as i was not wanting to seem like i was hiding anything or being deceitful i explained the circumstances that led to my termination. what it boiled down to was i had accessed a customer's information (i did not access anything i did not have every day access to) and i was not actually working on this customer's account. i was honest to my employer at the time and i was terminated for it. i have been honest with my answer if it should come up in any interview. i know i made a mistake. a stupid mistake that i took full responsibility for and have definitely learned from it. however hr decided that due to hipaa laws and my past "offense" that they were unable to offer me a job at this time. at the same time this was all going on i was offered a job at a facility which i accepted. however my question is...do you think this will affect my chances at possibly getting a job at this hospital in the future? i'm a pre-nursing student and really would like to work in a hospital at some point for more experience. is it okay for me to say that it was for breach of technology agreement and leave it at that? can i say i'm not allowed to disclose any further information? i am well aware of hipaa and i hope that i haven't tanked my career before it even starts. any thoughts?

No it wasn't customer service in the health field. I think they were more worried that since I violated one privacy policy I could theroretically break another. It was a very tough lesson I learned. And one that I'm sure I'll never repeat. Unfortunately where I worked I knew of many people who violated privacy policies when it came to customer's accounts. I still feel in some ways I was the person they chose to make an example of..I had been there a long time and had never had any write ups for anything like this in all my years there. I think someone higher up wanted to make sure that someone's head rolled and since I admitted my mistake it was easier to make me the target. I am not trying to make excuses..I know what I did was wrong but if a future employer thinks I'm going to make that mistake again they are very very wrong.

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