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Have to finish this damn statistics class by December 23, 2015


I Have to finish this damn statistics class by December 23, 2015. I was just accepted to two different accelerated bachelors in nursing schools. They both start in January. However, my acceptance is contingent on me finishing this course. I took the course 12 years ago and received a C. Both schools want me to finish with a C or higher . Both schools won't take it because it is over 10 years old . So I decided to enroll in the course online through a very reputable University . As of today I'm halfway done with the course but I'm beginning to feel pressure to finish on time. I'm not very fond of the subject and to make matters worse I'm taking it online and teaching myself . So far I have an A. Does anyone have any suggestions for me to get this class done quick with a C or better? I am also taking another six units of elective courses which I feel is getting in the way .

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I want to cry too. I am on a deadline and I am taking a stats class. My continuation in this NP program is dependent on me passing this class and the next class that I am taking. It is stressful! I am struggling with their terms and it is online. I plan on dedicating mostly 1 or 2 full days to just doing the class work for stats all at once. Then trying to get some of the other posts done. It has a discussion board in a stats class! This sucks!

That is just ridiculous that you are already in a NP program and you have to go back and do stats. Isn't that a requirement prior to enrolling in the program?