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Have a confession


Hello everyone,

I guess I portray myself as confident, and happy but deep down…I feel very insecure…..especially as a nurse..I mean my physical appearance...

I look like I'm 18 and I'm 27….I always get comments "are you the RN" I know all patients may not mean this maliciously or to make me sad…but man…this is getting unreal

Now, I am in FNP school….I feel even more insecure..

I feel I should go around with professional clothes, talk slower, and try to deepen my high pitched voice…..I am naturally very friendly..which I know is perceived to be childish :(

When I try to talk slower its really hard for me to do…it's almost like Im talking like a robot..

Does anyone have any nice suggestions for me? How do I act more mature? Don't get me wrong Ive been through hell…I've acted like a 40 year old when I was 15 because everything I went through in life…my parents were never there for me…so I became a RN independently…it was a rough road..sometimes I didn't' have money to eat!!! (bc student loans don't give you a refund until 2 weeks of class is over) …so i am a strong person but I guess I DONT LOOK IT :(

thank you in advance

god bless

I am just a nursing student, but you have to be encouraged and not care about what other people think about you ! Be confident in you !! I am sure you are an amazing nurse ! You are there to take care of the patient , and once they see your amazing skills there will be no need to know your age. Let your care speak for you 😊

Thank you Future nurse…yes I am confident in my nursing skills, but I always feel dumb around people who present themselves as "smart" I mean those doctors who are so calm and collective when they speak…and how they seem so with it…

Ive always had low self esteem.

I feel I get taken advantage of (not only in nursing..but in my family) because the way I am….I sometimes really ponder…is it really worth it to be nice and so caring? (I'm talking in my personal life …)

I feel the nice people get hurt…..and the mean people don't

I'm almost 40 and people think I'm in my late teens/early 20's. I get asked all the time how long have I been a nurse. When I tell them I get the deer in headlights look. One patient even asked to see my ID because he thought I wasn't telling the truth. I didn't show it to him of course. But he quickly realized that I have a lot of experience and that speaks for itself.

I don't change my voice or try to look or act older. I'm confident in my skills and honestly I don't care what people think about me. I give good nursing care and that is my focus not that I look 18. Not trying to be harsh but people will always have an opinion so let them. Continue your good nursing care, act professional and don't change that.

Ha…thats hard to feel!!!!! I wish I looked older..maybe because I am so skinny…people usually look older when they have meat on them!!!

Like you know when you see pictures of someone in high school and then 10 years later they look older because they gain like 30-40 pounds….or whatever…

I guess you can' t have it all…..

I don't need glasses but I considered getting some without any vision correction lenses….just to look smarter..I wonder if people even periecieve me as smart