Hating it at 11 months


Gotta vent you guys. Every time I try to talk it over with my husband, it turns into a fight. Any hoot, I work nights on a Telemetry/Medical/Surgical floor with hardly any TRUE TELE patients, just drug seekers and drop off DNR's. Don't get me wrong, I love my patients, especially those confused ones. I just don't like the people I work with. Shady people. One of the charge nurses told me "don't be mad at me for giving you room ----I know it's across the hall, but i just don't do secretions, she has a trach, and she also needs a new IV and you know I'm not even trying that" NO KIDDING PEOPLE this is what she said to me. And being the nice person I am, I just say "yeah ok" I don't mind taking these patients at all, but don't give me lame excuses for you not wanting to do your NURSING job. It's like all these people want to do is pass meds. Another charge has this thing where she will assign everyone like 6 patients and leave atleast one nurse with like 2 patients and stuck with all of the admissions. Whatever happened to everyone starting with the same amount of patients? This is the type of stuff that happens on my floor. And oh yeah, this one is priceless, we're overstaffed at the beginning of the shift, the charge nurse doesn't send anyone home, assigns everyone else except herself patients and then at 0400 sends someone home and she takes their patients because "I don't want to here ----------'s mouth about being over" CAN YOU SAY SHADY STUFF? :angryfire:nono:


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That's horrible, I'm sorry you are going through all that. Don't the other nurses complain? Does your floor manager know what's going on? The only way to change things is to stand up for what is right. If y

our floor manager won't help go over their head, chain of command.

If the nurses aren't happy it starts to effect patient care. Don't take things lying down, stand up and fight and if no one will listen, find another job.

Unless your husband is in the medical field, he won't understand what you are going through. I hope things will get better for you

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