Hateful Instructors



My friends and I are in the 2nd semester of an ADN program. The vast majority of us are being humiliated, abused and publicly disrespected by instructors @ clinical. We get called stupid, but we are STUDENTS?? I don't know how we are going to survive 2 more semesters of this, and the worst is ahead of us! We are starting to hate them, and they are finding every single uncrossed "T" that we make, which makes it worse!!

Luckily, we have each other for support. Is that their intention? Or, just to weed out the weak? Or, [evil]power trip[/evil]??

Our program is the only game in town. No other RN programs for miles and miles.

Many of us have already been through the ringer in life and find this treatment repugnant. What is the solution??? Or, temporary remedy??


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Are the instructors actually calling you or other people stupid? If they are I would make sure that you are always with someone and if s/he says it to one of you guys again as soon as clinicals are over I would go to the head of the nursing program and let them know what's going on. The instructors can think whatever they want but when they say it out loud it should be constructive criticism. There is an instructor that I didn't get along with in the beginning but I stayed away from her, only spoke with her if I had to, and didn't pick her for clinicals rotations. Are you guys allowed to switch with another student and go to another facility? If so wait until this semester is over and see if you can do that. Good luck.

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