Has there been a legislative change?


Sorry for the silly question. I am a new grad (Aug 2010) and Ive had a heck of a time getting interviews. However, in the last two days I have had calls to set up interviews. I have 5 separate ones, 1 on Thursday, 2 Friday, and 2 on Monday. All are FT positions at local hospitals.

How come this wasnt like that month ago? Has there been a sudden change in laws or legislature that passed or turned down relating to healthcare? Were these hospitals holding out until decisions were made?

I realize no one here can give me definite answers, just looking for opinions. Its embarassing to say I havent stayed up to date legally.

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I think that hospitals time some hiring for the end of the semester (lots of new students who need to move into new positions). I was just looking at jobs in my area and there seems to be about 30% more jobs than just a few weeks ago.


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Yeah, I'm pretty sure it is not a legislative issue at all. Hospitals run like businesses and the timing of employment is based on a supply/demand. They know that at the end of the semester there will be a surplus of new grads. Or it could be completely unrelated and be a budget thing.

Most of the hospitals are likely responding to the same market forces. My hospital has had hiring stoppages and slow downs recently, and other facilities in our area have done the same, for the same reasons.

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As the replacements feen or RNs that have left the more the staffing pressures will force them to hire. Another consideration is that CMS increased the never pay categories and private insureres are also adding never pay; RN presence has been shown to decrease the incidence of never pay, known known as PPC.