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Has anyone worked with Concentric travel company?

by rileyogini rileyogini (New) New

I am currently trying to decide on a travel company. Has anyone worked with Concentric before? There are so many companies to choose from ... it can be a bit overwhelming. Are there any red flags to know if they are a trustworthy company? Also, I am trying to go to NYC ( Manhattan).. Are there certain companies that have contracts in that area? Any information would be helpful. Thank you:)............................................................

I had never heard of them before and that's saying something! I've added them to my database. Per their site, they are an AZ based per diem agency who has just expanded into nationwide travel nursing. So I don't think you will find anyone with travel experience with them. If you must know something, ask Concentric to put you in touch with one of their travelers - you should get some useful info that way.

White Glove is a NYC based agency, and between them and American Mobile have most of the jobs locked up. Cross Country would be next, along with lots of smaller fry agencies who probably subcontract with American Mobile (which would be a good question to ask Concentric).

Trustworthy? Caveat emptor!

Did you end up going with Concentric?? They just contacted me