Has anyone been waitlisted for CCBC??

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Hi There,

Has anyone ever been wait listed for CCBC nursing program and then received a call about a seat opening up for them?

I just got my letter from CCBC and it said I was wait listed but I was really wondering if that means anything...like how often does someone who has been put on wait list actually get offered a seat?

Hi Jess, did you find out more about the wait list thing? I told you I didn't get in because CCBC used the wrong TEAS score. I called the powers at be and they agreed a mistake was made. I am now wait listed (which is what I was supposed to be in the first place). I know it is a long shot but I am glad I have a least a small chance. I can't believe I had to jump through hoops just to get a fair spot on the wait list. Unbelievable! I hope they re-evaluate the wait listed applications to determine who is in. Anyway, good luck to you. Let me know what you find out.

Oh good, I am glad you followed up with that. I am really stressing out. I really hope I get pulled off this wait list. Friends keeps telling me..."you will, you will" but I just can't get my hopes up because if I get my final letter saying not accepted at this time...I am going to be devastated...

Anyways....I hope we both get in! It will be so nice to know someone and we could study together :) Our kids can play while we study study study! LOL

Study Study Study! Sounds like a plan! I don't want to get my hopes up either! I hope the students not accepting their seat will call the school and let them know ASAP. I too hope we both get in. GOOD LUCK!

I called and I they said the first round of calls they make will be on Friday...thats if they have any calls to make and then the next set of calls will be in the beginning of January if they have any to make (like if someone fails their class they are in). Then we will have to take dosage right away...

Ugh....I just don't have a good feeling. She said some semesters they don't even pull anyone from the wait list. I think this wait list may be worse then waiting for the first letter....

Ugh! I agree!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so distraught...there are people getting calls off the waitlist. One girl received a call before Thanksgiving....I just have a bad feeling. I just don't understand tho. I have all my classes done...and good grades. I called the school and she said I shouldn't retake the Teas because its a good score but I just don't get it...

I am very upset too. I don't understand how someone who is in two sciences can get in before us! Looks shady to me!!!

If you know how to work this site...send me your email address and then I will send you my cell #. I want to tell you something!

I sent it to you. I hope I did it right. I may have sent you 3 of them. lol

I just got my call!!! I am in :) Yeah!!!!!!!!!

I am so happy for you!!!

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