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Has anyone used www.mynurserecruiter.com? nurse recruiter in new england?


I will be graduating in Jan. and taking NCLEX soon after. According to all the major hospitals, there are NO jobs for new grads. I was told by two nurse recruiters on the west coast that those nurses who utilize recruiters get better jobs, and get them more quickly. But I cannot find a nurse recruiter for New England. Any thoughts? Thank you!

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Of course the recruiters would tell you that. The truth is, no one is using recruiters these days to fill staff positions. It costs a company big $ to use a recruiter and they just don't need them to find qualified appicants. These days, there are tons of applicants for any job. Recruiters are still being used to find qualified applicants for highly specialized jobs (e.g., RN FAs, nurse informaticists, etc) or for hard to fill management positions.

And for goodness sake, don't pay money to anyone who claims to be able to help you find a job... those are scams. Legitimate recruiters are paid by the employer, not the applicant.

to be fair- mynurserecruiter.com does NOT charge nurses for the services.

thanks for the reply.

I've tried using that site but to be honest it got me nowhere. I've been on just about every Job Search website looking for nursing work..... To be completely real with you it's just every 'man' for himself in new england right now. Search hospital websites for openings, thats the best way to find REAL opportunities and then you get straight to the "source" so to speak (aka HR that might immediately reject you due to lack of minimum experience requirements) If you're a new grad? Use any and all inside connections and just PRAY you get a job with every application you send out.

I'd advise you to look outside of New England if you can't find anything and you are able to move.... Good luck though. I'm still looking for work and I graduated back in May (and I have my license)