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Has anyone used any of the NCLEX prep companies to study for school?


So here is my situation - I was a senior student and first semester I got a C- in my 3 credit med-surg course. OK, we can fail one class - I just have to wait till next fall and retake that class, then take my full spring semester and graduate next May. This is disappointing but I've dealt with all of this. I just want to insure that A) I pass in the Fall and B)that come next summer I pass the NCLEX, because when I failed the course some of the faculty at school made me feel like they felt I would not be able to do so - so kind of an inspiration to prove them wrong.

So after having to take four months off, I still have 4 months that I can use to study for nclex, so at the same time I also want to prepare for my courses.

I want to buy some type of review like Drexel or Kaplan - preferably audio so I can put it on my ipod, but I want it to be divided well enough into subjects so that while I am in school and we are going over for example oncology I can focus on that part of the CDs (or dvd's or computer modules whichever way I end up going).

So to my question - has anyone used any of the big review packages while in school and how did it work out for you? I have used the regular nclex books in the past - but I am talking some of the more comprehensive review packages?

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