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Has anyone been to UOP?

NICUrn2B specializes in Surgical Nursing.

Just wondering what its like?

Thank You!

maolin specializes in IMC, ICU, Telemetry.

Heehee- you know you're a nurse when you read this post as asking if I've been to the toilet. UOP = "urine output" in my world.

Since this is the DL forum, I'm assuming you are actually referring to Univ. of Phoenix?

It's been a long day, worked last night and haven't been to bed yet. Getting cheeky.

Afriad nothing useful in my post - haven't attended O of P myself.

NICUrn2B specializes in Surgical Nursing.

lol... sorry should have been more specific! ;)

rachelaleanRN2B specializes in ER, ICU, Nurse Manager.

I go to UOP and I love it. At first it was hard to get use to, but now that I have a routine down it is easy.

I did the UOP program and graduated in 2003, I loved it and had no problem getting into Grad school and getting my FNP

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