Has anyone taken a refresher course?


I have been out of nursing for 20 years and need to take a refresher course. I am a little scared at the thought. Is there any advice out there and how difficult are these courses? I practiced for only a couple of years, (one med.surge and one in surgery), before I got married and stopped. Please let me know there is hope for me with this class. There will be six weeks in a classroom and then about 200 hours clinical. Any help would be wonderful. Thanks


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Has 20 years experience.

If you have decided that this is what you wish to do, then

I believe that you can do it.

As for the clinical - make sure that your program has a

definite plan in place for you to have your clinical.

(my situation right now, after having taken all the theory

courses and now waiting for clinical - they've taken all

my tuition fees, but they can't get the clinical arranged - so

I'm stuck until they can get it organized).

All the best to you.


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Have recently completed a refresher course after being away for 14 years to raise a family. It can be done and is well worth it. It is stressful but most of the fundamental concepts are the same and they do come back to you. While I am still quite nervous about getting a job and doing it well, having had the 120 hours of clinical time has reminded me that nursing is truly what I want to do. Being in a group with others in a similar position will give you a great sense of support that will help you through. My advice is to stop thinking about doing it and just plunge in. You were successful once before and you will be again. You also have life experience and maturity on your side now too. Good luck!!!!


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I recommend Kaplan nursing review.

Good luck!!! :up:

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