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Has anyone taken the CNA course at High Desert Medical College in Lancaster, Ca?

by M-Roc M-Roc (Member)

Hello all! I am new to All Nurses and this is my 1st post! :shy: I need a little advice. I am taking pre reqs for the Registered Nursing program at AVC. I've been told that it would be best to become a CNA before entering the RN program because you will have experience instead of diving into the program "blind", so to speak. I'd like to know if anyone has taken the CNA program at High Desert Medical College or any other Antelope Valley based colleges? How was your experience? How were you instructors? Any feedback would be much appreciated! :)

Lancaster is a nice place to study.

I went to Saint Joseph's school of nursing Lancaster CA and got what I had expected for my CNA program.

The instructors were helpful and had time for me as well.

Overall it was a positive experience an it ended well on a high note.