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I've been poking through the different posts today (as well as most days:rolleyes: ) and picked up on something I hadn't before.

There is a lot of stress, frustration and lamenting that goes on here. There is also a lot of fear...especially from those who are watching their classmates drop from next semester's class roster.

However, all the people posting are still in it. All are still succeeding. I think that says a lot for the type of people we are here.

People! We rock here! How else can you explain one of us getting the only "A" in a nursing class while 20% of the class failed out??? I keep seeing this over and over.

I honestly think that our seriousness to do what we want to do is proven by coming here and being members of this community. We care, we give, we're brutally honest when necessary and we all seem to want to learn from each other.

None of you know it but you all saved my rear this last semester. I got all "A's", but my grades weren't the issue...my sanity was. So thank you, THANK YOU!!! I owe you all.

In summation, I think the main point I was trying to make is yes, we're scared, but we seem to be the one's making it. Does anyone else notice this?



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I think that speaks to one of the cardinal rules. I was told as I began my pre-reqs, find a support system. Vent, ask advice, offer advice, support each other and it helps you get through any situation.

Sometimes it helps even if it is on some of the boards we post to.

Kind of gives you a fresh perspective to take or leave as you need.


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some of it may be that we tend to study more, at least in my case. i'm always at my desk, so i study for a while, then take a break by reading the board, then study, then read & post, etc. we compare things, realize, wow maybe my school isn't so bad or gee, everyone has to put up with this same cra*.

ok, lets all join hands now and sing "we are family" :rotfl:

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