Has anyone heard from Lois Jean??

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I'm worried. I e-mailed her a few times, left messages on her machine, and haven't heard back, which is unlike her. Maybe it's just that her computer is down, but what about the phone? Her hubby had an event in Delaware in October, and I'm in NJ, so we were finally going to meet, but it's as if she has fallen off the face of the earth.

If anyone has heard from her, please post here to let me know she's OK, and tell her I am thinking of her.


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OK, I have heard from Lois, she is OK. Her biz is bursting at the seams, she took on another partner, and couldn't leave her to go to Delaware.

I am just relieved she is fine, and wanted to post an update so that those who pm'd me would also know all is well.

BTW, she has had some problems logging on here, so she may have to re-register, hope her name is still the same when she comes back.

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