Has anyone heard of this before? GPA calculation...

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The other day I contacted a nursing school I applied to, to find out how they calculated my GPA according to the last 30 semester units. They require one 5 unit Anatomy and Physiology Class (combo). I took Anatomy (4 units) and Physiology (5 units).

So what they did is took my 5 unit Physio class, which I got a C in, and converted it to 4 units and gave me 11 grade points instead of the previous 10. I must say I was very happy to see this because that C was the first one for me in over two years of school. But I thought it was soooo strange?? I guess they want to compare apples to apples since my classes are so many more units than their one 5 unit course?

Has anyone else had this experience?

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