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Has Anyone Heard Back From Wake Forest Baptist NAP?


Hello all! I was just wondering what the title says. I had an interview at Baptist and Raleigh in early November. Has anyone heard back from Baptist? I received a "maybe" letter from Raleigh. Just curious! :)

Hello all! I was just wondering what the title says. I had an interview at Baptist and Raleigh in early November. Has anyone heard back from Baptist? I received a "maybe" letter from Raleigh. Just curious! :)

anything yet?? I too interviewed and am waiting to hear something, i heard letters go out this week!! good luck!

I got into Wake Forest!!!! :) Have you heard anything yet??? Happy Thanksgiving!

how did you hear? do you live close to the area?

I heard via email. That's how they've been notifying people. Yes, I live in Winston Salem.

I got in too!!! So excited and thankful!!! Are you or have you taken any grad classes yet? I am trying to look into that so ease the course load.

Congrats! I look forward to being in class with you! Are you from the triad are? I have taken 2 of the grad classes so far...going to take the third one in the spring. I would definitely recommend knocking those out beforehand because they make you do a lot of busy work. Best of luck to you and I will be seeing you in the summer! :)


I am planning to apply to several CRNA schools in the coming year, and WFUBMC is my #1 choice by far. I was just wondering if you had any advice on what, specifically, I could focus on this year to really polish myself and increase my changes of acceptance. I know about all the specific admission requirements, so obviously I will have those taken care of. I'm talking about anything over and above the basic requirements that you think may increase my changes of getting in.

Congrats to both of you! I have jealousy goosebumps!

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Hi BigcatchRN,

I think that in order to really stand out for the application process/interview panel, you need to go above and beyond the general requirements. I would definitely do some community service or some sort of anesthesia mentorship program to show them that you are seriously wanting this. I would also rotate in various ICU's to get a broad depth of various experiences. I stayed mainly cardiothoracic/cardiac in my specialty, but I also worked in surgical, medical, and neuro ICU...just to say that I can adapt in various settings at various facilities. I also got my CCRN. I would go on Baptist's website and complete the applicant self assessment. It really helps you to see how competitive you are. My GRE score wasn't the best, so I had to beef up my resume by doing lots of community work, extra certifications, graduate course work, and expanding my ICU experience. I also shadowed 40 plus hours in various facilities and sought out mentorship through students in the program and current CRNAs that were Baptist alumni.

Remember, you will be one of 175-200 applicants to apply. If you are lucky enough, you will be one of the 60 people they choose to interview for one of the 24 seats that they have. So I would rather overachieve than not do enough. Know what a CRNA does like the back of your hand. Give them a genuine story about why you want to be a CRNA and what you've done to prepare yourself. When they interview you, the entire panel has read your application and resume. They have a baseline of who you are. Elaborate on it and make yourself shine. Also, brush up on your ICU specialty knowledge because they tailor a case scenario in the clinical portion of the interview. It's based on your most recent ICU experience. Don't stress it too much though. Know your drugs, hemodynamic values, and talk yourself through the scenario. Also, don't be afraid to say that you don't know something if you get nervous....DON'T BS! I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors and hope this helps.

I would also say to involve yourself with research projects on your unit or in the hospital. I focused on sedation and how we monitor and assess it. Show leadership qualities and be well rounded. Good grades, test scores, and certifications also help in getting the interview. Good Luck!

I know this is an older post but does anyone mind commenting their stats that go into Wake Forest? Im graduating from nursing school in the Spring and am interested to know the gpa, gre, etc of those whom got accepted! Thanks!