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Has anyone heard any acceptance news from PLU???

Hi everyone, I am waiting to hear from PLU and have heard a rumor that some acceptance e-mails have been sent...Anyone else waiting or has anyone gotten accepted for Fall 2010 or Spring 2011.

HATE playing the waiting game...:uhoh3:

Hi! I found out about 2 weeks ago that I have been accepted into PLU's nursing program for Fall 2010. I am so excited! I have heard that some people will not find out until June, so if you haven't heard it doesn't mean that you didn't get in. I agree with you. The waiting game is horrible!

I am still holding out hope that I can get in. It is all I can think about. Every day makes me more nervous. Glad you made it.

I have been keeping my fingers crossed for you. Have you heard anything yet?

No not yet. I know they have said that notifications will be sent out as late as first week of June, so I am still trying to stay positive. My birthday is June 4th, so maybe that would be the perfect birthday present...lol

I am going crazy waiting...I know a couple girls who got acceptance letters. Ahhh I just want to know

I just found out today that I got accepted to begin in the Spring!

Congratulations! I bet you are thrilled. You should be so proud of yourself :clown:

Thanks! I can't wait to start. It's going to feel like a loooooong time before February comes!

I know. I fould out in early March that I made it for the fall and it feels like fall is never going to get here. We have all worked so hard to get into the program and now I just want to get started. I am not very good at waiting for things.

I know the feeling. But I feel so relieved now because I made it into a program. No more waiting to see if I get in!

I just wish I knew if I was in or not. I feel like my life is on hold waiting. Congrats to you all that are in. Hopefully I will be in the club too.

I hope you know soon. I know how stressful it was to wait. I'll keep my fingers crossed that you get in!


I am still keeping my fingers crossed for you. You have been waiting for too long. You need to know so you can relax. I really hope you get in. Don't give up hope.

Thank you so much everyone! The support is awesome.

Waiting is agonizing, I know! Congrats to those of you who got in, and good luck Lilygirlie, I hope you hear back soon.

I am a PLU nursing student, I'm in the Spring 2010 cohort, and just finished my first semester.

I have a piece of advice for those of you coming into the program. PLU is very different from the community college experience. The website says it's an academically rigorous university and they aren't kidding! You will be doing a LOT of reading and writing papers.

You will only take one actual nursing class the first sememster in, but if you are on financial aid, which is super likely, you will have to carry a 12 hour load. Make sure that you have lots of time to do your studies/readings, etc. I worked part time and carried a 12 hour load, and I as an A student am mostly making B-'s at this point.

Not saying this to scare you, but to prepare you. Hopefully you kept your science textbooks, because you will need your A&P book to help prepare you for pathophysiology. I have been told by students ahead of me in the program and instructors alike that it is wise to refamiliarize with anatomy before taking patho.

That aside, you will love it at PLU, the instructors and advising staff are wonderful and helpful and encouraging. You will bond tightly with the members of your cohort. There's only 40 or so of you per semester, and you will get to know each other very well, especially the people you are in clinicals with. I love my clinical buddies to death. By the time you graduate you will have gone through 1000 clinical hours, and when people hear I'm in the PLU program, they always say that it's a great program. So if you guys are like me and didn't make the cut at UW, don't despair or feel bad about it. You surely won't by the time you finish Nursing Competencies I :)

Thank you so much for the helpful advice! I am really excited and can't wait to get started.

I hope this isn't rude but would anyone who got accepted mind sharing their stats? :) (oh and congratulations!)


I got my direct transfer degree and I finished with a 3.98. Did you apply to PLU?

Nope, I am applying to nursing schools coming this fall/winter and trying to figure out my options. I am graduating UW with a degree in a different field next in two weeks, finishing up prereqs this summer/fall and hopefully will get in somewhere. My grades my first two years of UW weren't amazing so I am not proud of my cum gpa, but hopefully my performance the last two years and prereq grades as well as experience will somehow make up for it!


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