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Has anyone graduated from Stratford Univeristy in Falls Church, VA for nursing?


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Hey everyone! I've started a post on here before about attending private institutions and trying to further your education afterwards. Today I was wondering if there were any nurses who have went to and/or graduated from Stratford University specifically in Northern Virginia??

I've been a dialysis PCT for the past year and a half and I'm really unhappy. I'm unhappy with the work environment, management, the hours. It's been rough but I have been sticking it out until something better came along. Unfortunately I havent found another job but by December 31st, I am required to be nationally certified in dialysis. I dont make enough to pay my bills AND pay for a test in something I dont particularly like so my idea is go to nursing school. To get certified I believe its $250 and the money is reimbursed after you pass. We have new management at my clinic who have been pushing downsizing really heavy. So I work 3 days a week and come in 10 - 30 minutes early and stay until I'm sent home. I say all of this to say my checks have been consistently under $1,000 which is crazy since I've had a dollar raise and made over $1000 when I first started. My rent is $1000, I have 4 children and I feel like I am busting my butt on 14 hour days just to not break even. I'm happy for the experience I've gained but working in dialysis specifically at my clinic has been rough. I'm ready to take what seems like the next logical step and pursue my degree full time and of course continue to find another job just something nights and/or weekends like home health.

I've seen a couple institutions in Northern Va that have classes starting January 2, 2017. I feel like right now is a "now or never" moment for me. I just turned 27 a week ago and want to make something of myself before I'm completely consumed by a company that really doesnt care about whether I stay or go or can pay my bills or not.

Anyone out there completed the program at Stratford or Global Health?? They are both starting soon and I would like to start making things happen but get a little more insight before I do. I am also going to be commuting from Baltimore, so if anyone has traveled for schooling or know if the schools are commuter friendly, I would tremendously value your input

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This for-profit has all the hallmarks of a for-profit school. It's expensive. It has an extremely low graduation rate and it's demographic make-up is perfectly poised to take mostly minority students to the loan mill cleaners.

When it comes down to it, this school's 12% graduation rate over a 6 year period is scary and points to their having more of a concentration on generating student loans than graduates.

Become a nurse. Go to a CC. Take the prerequisites and then decide if it's for you to proceed.

This thing takes time. There is no shortcut. Time and patience are your only friends.

No sense in getting deluged in loans by some salesperson posing as an academic adviser.

Go to (collegescorecard.ed.gov) and look for schools that won't put you in financial hell.

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