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Has anyone got into a ADN program without meeting Chancellor's Formula?

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Long story short I'm almost done with pre-reques and want to apply to a community college ADN program next year (CALIFORNIA). My college I'm at now does the Chancellor's formula (most of em do) and my nursing counseler plugged in some numbers, they're cut off is 75 percent and I would have got a 76 percent IF I hadn't dropped anatomy last year so that minus 1 makes me have a 73% for now :( She said even if I got all A's in remaining classes (I'm doing well in the new anatomy class) I would still barely make a 74% just one percent under! how frustrating! 

She said just to do my classes and they offer a remediation plan if you dont meet the score, and then you take the TEAS and hope to get in. my question is, has anyone gotten in after doing remediation plans after not meeting the formula? Is it even worth it to go through all that trouble? I'm starting to be scared I'll never get in anywhere even with great Prereq GPA and have to go to private school :( 

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