Has anyone ever heard of someone who is an FNP and MHNP?

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I'm interested in both of them and I know I can go back to school for post graduate classes but I'm want to know if wnyone has heard of someone who has specialized in both fields.

I've known (casually) a number of people who were double- or even triple-boarded. However, the ones I've known were generally working two or more part-time jobs (a couple days/week as an FNP, a couple days/week in a psychiatric setting as a psych NP) rather than truly incorporating both roles. I work in a large psychiatric C&L service in a large teaching hospital with residents, many of whom are double (or triple) board candidates, and one of our attendings (who has since moved on) used to tell anyone who would listen that he didn't see the point -- he was double-boarded in internal medicine and psychiatry, but he had never found a position that utilized both roles. He said that you either end up working in an internal medicine role where you know more about psychiatry than the other medical people but that doesn't really matter, or you end up working in a psychiatric setting and know more about general medicine than the other psychiatric people but that doesn't really matter much, and, if he had it to do over again, knowing what he knows now, he wouldn't have bothered with double-boarding. His advice to residents was not to pursue multiple specialties, just pick one and focus on that. For what it's worth ...

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