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Has anybody done Telepsych?


I'm looking at an interesting offer working in Tele-psych - wondering if anyone has done it.... If so, what was your experience? What kind of billing were you able to generate? Any problems you ran into? Any suggestions?


I was going to ask this same question. Here in arkansas it just recently changed to where APRNs can bill for all psych services provided by telepsych to medicaid.

Same billing code as face-to-face. but please pay attention to laws and regulations for each states. It is not any better than face-to-face. The only thing is that you will sit in front of a screen that's it. Some patients are not receptive to it but most are ok. Actually, I advocate for face-to-face. Telepsych is a disservice to the patients and it will go away when the market is saturating soon.

I would like to do MOCA on some patients.... but I cannot do it well on telepsych...

Thanks Harmonizer,

It is also my understanding there are no separate billing codes for telepsych....but would use, for example, G0406-408 and G0425-427. I don't want to get into a philosophical discussion about whether it's good or bad - but at the same time, I do have to say that if anything seems amenable to a telehealth application, it is psych....

What kind of billing volume were you able to generate? What sort of setting? Any problems having patients present for the appt?



I don't want to get into a philosophical discussion either.. it's just matter of time that once there is more providers, the service will goes away.. it's harder to find a telepsych job now because of increased # of onsite providers... let me know if you can find one..I am desperate for more hours.

As I mentioned, same billing code for face to face.. I think we bill based on acuity now so the code will be 99212,99213, 99214, 99215 and you can add on therapy code 90833 as well. I do not know what is G0406-408 and G0425-427.. it is probably from the old system..

I do not understand what you describe as billing volume?


1) poor acceptance by some patients but most are ok

2) lack of access to medical records (not on computer system)

3) technical problem

4) the clinic may have to assign a staff to be with you during the session.. more resource and money for them..

I disagree that telemedicine is going anywhere--it is being increasingly utilized in hospitals to reach rural patients in the Pacific Northwest. Almost all the psych NPs in private practice that I know utilize it as an option for patients. Doing a 20 minute med check via a patient's smartphone in the privacy of their office is way more convenient than taking an afternoon off of work, sitting in traffic, etc. I agree it has limitations though.