Hard time deciding...


I'm having a hard time weighing pros and cons. My MSN term at WGU starts on Sept.1. My plan was to obtain my MSN, then later go back for a post master's certificate for FNP. Once I started looking at the post master's certificate programs, they are almost identical to the actual BSN-FNP programs-maybe minus a couple classes. The benefit of WGU is that I can breeze through them, but would I pretty much be doing double work and paying double money if my end goal is to become a FNP? Does anyone have experience with post master's FNP? The only thing that puts me off going straight through with the FNP program is that I'm scared of the preceptorship time commitment and continuing working my full time job. Also, anyone that has a positive or negative experience with an online college is totally welcome to chime in!

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If your goal is to get FNP certification then just do the BSN-FNP program. I am not even sure how many (if any) schools will accept WGU MSN for post-masters FNP cert. You will likely end up repeating classes if you do it that way. You will not get out of any of the clinical work by doing WGU MSN before FNP post-master's cert - nor should you. I suggest going to a reputable school with the focus on FNP - again, if that is your end goal. Advanced nursing practice education requires a LOT of sacrifice (time, money, effort, social/family life, etc). I cannot imagine completing it while working full-time - and do not know very many people who have. Only you can decide if you are able to make the necessary sacrifices and if it will be worth it in the end.

Best wishes as you decide!