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Two of hardest hitting articles I have seen yet posted on internet arrived last to days. One over on calnurse and the other on Healthleaders. Both telling managment same thing, "wake up and pay attention to retention." This is the same message you could have read here anytime in the past two years. One called Predicting Nursing Turnover and the other Hemorrahage in the Hospital.


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U have to ask why do people at the top ie goverment never listen to nurses at the front line.

It's the same the world over



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Brian has posted one of the articles I liiked under nursing news. It is called Predicting Nursing Turnovers. Like I said, hard hitting and specific. Faults managment for not keeping its ear to the ground and watching for signs that someone is about to bolt. Says bonuses are an waste of money when two nurses are going out the door for everyone that comes in the door. It is an article any nurse could have written.

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