is it hard to find a job?


I'm on the wait list for the ADN program right now and I keep I read something recently that indicated that nurses are having a hard time finding jobs especially out here in Arizona. Then I ran into posts here that mention that nurses with a BSN have an easier time getting hired.

I'm having a hard time figuring out whether or not I should pursue another career. Mind you, I've been on the wait list for 14 months now and have all of my pre and co-reqs done and am a divorced mom of three that will need to continue working part time (at least).

I'm starting to think I made a horrible mistake in pursuing an RN career. Help, please. :(

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The job search is hard everywhere but eventually people get in. They say that this wave happens every so often so by the time you finish school things may change or should change. I keep in mind that nursing is still an in demand field so once u get ur experience you won't have any problems finding or loosing your job no matter how the rest of the economy is doing.