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Happy student/ happy preceptor!


Specializes in ER. Has 22 years experience.

Hello everyone- I read a LOT of posts about complaints- Bad experiences from student because of their preceptors, or bad experiences from Preceptors due to bad students- Students vs Nursing Instructors, Nursing instructors complaining about students....ect. ect. ect.

I am a 20 year vetran of the nursing trenches- I have my BSN- I work in a very busy 40 bed ED- and every year I VOLUNTEER to precept students who are doing their transition periods. We have several nursing schools in this area, and they all require their graduating students to work for 2 weeks with a preceptor in a local hospital- No instructor, no other student nurses from class to lean on- nadda. Nothing but them and ME baby!

I just finished another round of 2 weeks with a BSN student. He wasn't a night person, but he showed up every single night with a great attitude and a willingness to learn and see all that he could.

I worked my buttocks off to give him an educational 2 weeks- Had him doing chest compressions within his first 3 hours with me- and things picked up from there. He saw everything from that code, to pushing adenosine on an SVT pt, to children, to psych, and everything in between. He had a wonderful experience, and so did I.

When it was time to do his final paperwork, I wrote that I had found him to be willing and able......and "That I would be happy to work along side of him as a co-worker." As a nurse, I couldn't think of a better compliment. SO fear not, all of my dilligent, hard working nursing students. There are more of US- people who love students, and appreciate that they will soon be our co-workers, than the rotten-I hate-students-let-me-treat-them-like-garbage type nurses. Hang in there. Now get off AN and go study. Go on...get! Go do your med cards, cause I'm eagerly waiting for you to come out and play with me. :)