Happy CNA appreciation week!!!


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My facility is celebrating cna appreciation week from june 11-18. I've tried to find the national cna appreciation week 2010 on google.com, but couldn't come up with the EXACT dates, although I do think it's celebrated in the month of june. So I just wanted to wish the aides a happy appreciation week, whenever the dates may be!!! :redbeathe:redbeathe:redbeathe

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Our facility is celebrating it June 10-17th. Next week they'll give us a big meal in celebration of it :)


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Yay for us and all of the backbreaking thankless work we do!!


Don't we rock?!


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I'm very lucky that I'm appreciated by my DON, nurses & other hospital employees everyday. I definately love :heartbeat my job even though it can be a tough job at times. And, yes Coffeemate "we do rock!" :clpty:Happy Certified Nurse Aide week all!