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So I am totally confused about a job offer I received today. I interviewed for an amazing job on a CICU floor and after waiting for long two and a half weeks of waiting I got a job offer today. The recruiter after offering the job asked me if I am enrolled in a RN-BSN program (which I am) and when will I graduated. I told her by the end of the year. She then told me that the hospital is switching to BSNs only and since I am in an online BSN program already I will be getting an offer letter saying that the hospital expects me to finish my BSN. She told me she needs an approval to write that in the letter, and once she gets that approved she will call me back by the end of the say.

Being a friday and my job offer being at 330 pm i did not hear anything back. I called her and left a message about my confusion. I know unless i sign official papers the job offer verbally does not mean anything. Not sure how to take this experience...any advice or input?? hate that I have to wait till Monday to hear back. I am done with my rant now:yes: thank you

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Congrats on the job offer. Recruiters/HR staff often need to get approvals from their Manager and don't get follow-up in time frame they expect. If you have not heard back from recruiter, I would fax her a letter thanking her for interview and include enrollment form for BSN courses currently enrolled as proof of enrollment to help complete your application package.

Best wishes in your nursing journey.