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Hi everyone. Wanting to get some idea of who on here that works in Ortho... when using HANA table, is it the circulator in the room that is running the HANA table? Meaning the same person is doing both roles? Or is there a second nurse or operator in the room? 

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What do you mean by "running" the HANA table?

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Our ortho reps run the Hana table.  You mean like changing the position and angles of the legs correct?  

Typically, there is only one circulator in these rooms. And depending on hospital policy, vendors/reps may not be allowed to physically touch the HANA. I haven't really seen issue with one circulator in the room. We generally avoid using circulators by themselves in a room if they aren't confident with it, considering it has the potential for serious patient harm is used incorrectly. 
Generally we give 3 weeks or so of Ortho orientation so that most RNs will be able to manage the HANA without issue. If you don't feel comfortable, I would speak up to your educator or manager about getting more time with someone that circulates hips. And your primary role would just be figuring out that table. 

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It differs by hospital. At mine the rep runs the table but I interviewed at another hospital where it was the circulator's role to run it.

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