hamster on the wheel syndrome


I need advice. I'm a new supervisor who has spent and still does spend time in the trenches. (floor nurse)

We have a really bad cycle of call in's on weekends by the CNA's and Nurses. The more call in's the worse it is with the result of people deciding they need out of this hellish environment. Add to that families with concerns and complaint's, patient's who are confused, try to get up, then fall. Whew...can you say f##&k it I quit? Goooood, I thought you could! Well that's how it is, people just don't show up, our scheduling sometimes changes and people don't know they are on the schedule....Here's what I want, I want to stop the call in's by making work a decent place to be. There will be bad days, but we can work as a team and set goals, learn more from eachother and

just have a little fun and laughter...I think this could be a good place again. That splashes over to the patient's and families and they relax and calm down. How do I begin to turn this place around?

I want to hear from anyone who has some ideas from their experiences.

Meanwhile I am trying to keep my stress level down by using my off time for exercise and play, but when I'm at work, I come home and fall into compulsive eating. Advice on that too please!


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:DOK this is really depressing....I think the joke on the nursing ghost story thread went. A supervisor? Is that some kind of ghost, I've never seen one!