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Hampton or Sentara?


Hey all! I have been accepted to the Hampton University's College of Virginia Beach nursing program and also to Sentara's College of Health Sciences. Anyone familiar with either program? I could get started with Hampton in August, but have to retake some classes, even though I already have a B.S. in education. Sentara starts January 5 and gives me full credit for my previous degree. I think I will get tons more clinical hours and a better shot at a job with them, but don't know anyone to ask. Help!

If I were you, I'd DEFINITELY go to Sentara. They offer so many clinical hours and have pretty high nclex pass rates within the last few years plus they hire there own grads once they graduate! As far as Hampton goes, my best friend attends there and she always talks about how disorganized they are. The only time she feels like she's learning, is at clinicals. Besides, Hampton had problems maintaining their accreditation so I wouldn't want to gamble my education with them anyways. Sentara and Hamptons tuition is almost about the same but I would rather spend it where it's WORTH spending. :)

I'd DEFINITELY go with Sentara as well. HANDS DOWN Sentara for all the reasons mentioned above PLUS they gave you full credit for your previous degree. Congratulations on both of your acceptances and Good Luck with your decision. You are in a great position.

Thanks for your advice! Does your friend go to the Virginia beach campus? All of their paperwork has been a disorganized nightmare. They lose documents and do not return phone calls or emails. They give me vague and conflicting information, which is driving me nuts! I am leaning towards Sentara, especially for the clinical hours and the employment opportunities. Thanks!

Yes my friend does go to the one out va beach. They wouldn't even accept her computer class she had took at ODU, she had to take their computer class at HU. She always talks about how disorganized they are. I remember when i did apply to HU they took forever to give me back a respond and all my friend told me was "yup get ready, that's just only the beginning!"...please do yourself the favor and just attend Sentara you will be so glad you saved yourself the headache and education!

Thanks! I will take you up on your advice! I see no need to spend time and money on classes I've already had. Ugh. Plus, hampton won't give me a straight answer on how many clinical hours they offer. I know Sentara offers close to 1,000 hours. Now, if only I had a money tree for nursing school tuition!

Exactly! Go where you know you will benefit from. There's no need to attend at an institution where u have to keep "wondering". Sentara is straight up. But I hope I helped enough, congrats and good luck! :)