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Hagerstown CC RN program Fall 2020

by CarmenOP CarmenOP (New) New Student

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Hello 👋

I was accepted to the HCC RN program Fall 2020, is there any RN students from HCC that will give advice on what to expect on the 1st semester and how to prepare for the dosage/medical terminology test?

Thank you!

Hi Carmen! I'll be joining you at HCC in the Fall so I don't have any advice for you, just wanted to say hi! I have no clue what to expect, especially if we're still online in the Fall! Out of curiosity, do you still have the list of supplies we need for the program that the sent us w/ our acceptance letters? I don't have mine anymore and can't remember what was on it. All I remember is stethoscope and blood pressure cuff LOL. CONGRATS!


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Hiiiiii 😃

TY!! CONGRATS to you too!! I hope we are not online in the Fall 😰 I am extremely nervous about that happening so we shall see regardless I am elated to begin this journey 🙂. I do have it, I can forward the email if you like, you can send me your school email in a private message? @jbren